Product name:VK-T02

CAS No.:13463-67-7

Molecular Formula:TiO2

Appearance:White chargeless abounding powder

PH(water suspension):6-8

Property: Effective attrition to UV. Easily broadcast in baptize based and bread-and-butter based systems. Non Toxic. Uniform Particle Size.


1. Cosmetics and Sunscreen – provides awful able attrition to UV and absorption of arresting and bittersweet light.

2. Plastics and anatomic fibres – improves attrition to aging, apparent finish, acclimate attrition and brightness. Improves blush and apparent luster.

3. Coatings, Paint and Printing Inks – abundantly improves crumbling attrition and abrade resistance. Improves self-cleaning properties.

4. Cardboard authoritative – acclimated in cardboard blanket to advance printability and opacity.

5. Also acclimated in metallurgy and aerospace industry.

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