VK-T02 is white chargeless abounding powder. VK-T02 due to the baby atom size, the active, both absorption and drop ultraviolet rays, and can blot ultraviolet light, and thereby stronger barrier adjoin UV.


Effective attrition to UV.

Easily broadcast in baptize based and bread-and-butter based systems.

Non Toxic

Uniform Atom Size


1.Cosmetics and Sunscreen – provides awful able attrition to UV and absorption of arresting and bittersweet light.

2.Plastics and anatomic fibres – improves attrition to aging, apparent finish, acclimate attrition and brightness. Improves blush and apparent luster.

3.Coatings, Paint and Printing Inks – abundantly improves crumbling attrition and abrade resistance. Improves self-cleaning properties.

4.Paper authoritative – acclimated in cardboard blanket to advance printability and opacity.

5.Also acclimated in metallurgy and aerospace industry.
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From: Nano chemicals