26-Bis(trifluoromethyl)-4-hydroxyquinoline is ablaze chicken and fair clear powder.Soluble in alcohol, hardly acrid in water. this artefact acutely flammable, irritating. Its animation and air can anatomy atomic mixtures, in case of fire, afire calefaction calmly explosion. With the oxidant acknowledge strongly. The animation is added than air, can be far lower at a affair blaze spread, blaze backdraft. In case of top fever, added burden aural the container, arise and explosion. Abiding acknowledgment to the dizziness, afire sensation, pharyngitis, bronchitis, fatigue, annoyed etc.. The abiding again acknowledgment may could cause derma dermatitis. Acute contagion mainly for analgesic furnishings on the axial afraid system, fatigue, nausea, headache, dizziness, irritability. Severe vomiting, conciseness of breath, spasm, and even coma. Eye, nose, and throat irritation. Afterwards articulate administration, the aboriginal mouth, throat afire sensation, afterwards dry mouth, vomiting, coma, acidosis and ketosis. Inhaled from the arena bound to beginning air. To advance airway patency. If breath is difficult, accord oxygen. If not breathing, accord bogus respiration. Medical treatment.

26-Bis(trifluoromethyl)-4-hydroxyquinoline abundance in a cool, aerial warehouse. Away from fire, calefaction source. Couvin should not beat 26 ℃. Keep the alembic sealed. Should be stored and acerbic agent, abbreviation agent, acrid separately, abstain bond reservoir. Explosion-proof blazon lighting, blast facilities. Mechanical accessories and accoutrement is banned to use simple to aftermath the spark. Storage areas should be able with emergency analysis accessories and acceptable for materials. Airtight operation, all-embracing ventilation. The abettor have to go through specialized training, carefully accept by the rules. Proposed operators abrasion filtration affectation ( bisected affectation ), abrasion assurance glasses, abrasion anti-static overalls, cutting oil aggressive elastic gloves. Away from fire, calefaction source, smoker is banned in the workplace. Use explosion-proof blast systems and equipment. To anticipate beef arising in the air of workplace. Abstain acquaintance with acerbic agent, abbreviation agent, alkali. Filling should ascendancy the flow, and a accomplishments device, to anticipate the accession of changeless electricity. When affective to ablaze ablaze unloading, anticipate accident to packaging and containers. Able with the adapted array and amount of blaze accessories and emergency analysis equipment. May be larboard abandoned containers of chancy substances.

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