Main functions and furnishings (substitute methionine or acclimated alone as additive):

1) Provide methyl for banty and pig growing.

2) Maintain abdominal trace function, and enhances the alleviative aftereffect of the anti-ball insect medicine.

3) Adjust osmotic pressure, advance growth, accession the egg artefact efficiently, abate weaner diarrhea, and access weaner aliment taken.

4) Enhance fat metabolism, abate belly fat, enhance the angular meat rate, and advance beastly physique quality.

5) A acceptable tempts for aquatic, and enhance fish¡¢shrimp anti- osmotic burden ability, abate the mortality.

6) Stabilize vitamin in feed, accession the augment use efficiency, and abate the augment cost.

1) Not beneath than 40 meshes, ablaze chicken powder, acceptable fluency.

2) Artefact content: authentic betaine not beneath than 30%.

3) Recommended accession (per ton blueprint feed):

a) Barter methionine (according to 1:1 barter proportion): can acting 20%-60% constructed methionine in the feed.

b) Only use as the augment additive: 0.2-1kg for monogastric animals, 1-3kg for amphibian animals

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Betaine Hcl