1.VK-T06 small particle size , surface area , surface atoms and more, high surface energy , surface atoms with a serious shortfall , with strong surface activity and super- adsorption capacity , add in the paint , easily and resin cooperation with the oxygen from the key to improve the bond force between the molecules and the performance and construction of the paint film and the bonding strength between the substrate ;

2.VK-T06 has a conventional materials do not have special optical properties and widespread “blue shift” phenomenon, long-wave ultraviolet , infrared reflectivity as high as the spread above, and titanium dioxide optical reflection spectrum reproducible, it added UV coatings can achieve the purpose of shielding , significantly improve the coating anti-aging properties ;

3.VK-T06 has a small size effect to produce silt infiltration role in the formation of a dense coating layer interface “nano coating ” greatly improved scrub resistance and paint coating surface self-cleaning ;

4.VK-T06 specific spatial network structure, the surface of a large residual unsaturated bond and a hydroxyl group of different states bonding , coating systems can be produced with good affinity , thus improving the stability of the coating suspension . After drying the coating , the nanoparticles are arranged closely to form a complete air insulation.

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