Serotonin is a neurotransmitter complex in the manual of assumption impulses. Neurotransmitters are actinic messengers aural the academician that acquiesce the advice amid assumption cells.

Packets of serotonin (vesicles) are appear from the end of the presynaptic corpuscle into the synaptic cleft. The serotonin molecules can again bind to receptor proteins aural the postsynaptic cell, which causes a change in the electrical accompaniment of the cell. This change in electrical accompaniment can either accelerate the cell, casual forth the actinic message, or arrest it. Excess serotonin molecules are taken aback up by the presynaptic corpuscle and reprocessed.

The neurons in the academician that absolution serotonin are begin in baby close collections of neurons alleged Raphe Nuclei. The Raphe Nuclei are begin in the medulla, pons and midbrain which are all amid at the top of the analgesic cord. Serotonergic neurons accept axons which activity to abounding altered locations of the brain, accordingly serotonin affects abounding altered behaviors.