Sibutramine was a medication that was primarily acclimated to advice ample individuals lose weight, but was aswell sometimes assigned to advice humans accumulate the weight off. This biologic belonged to a chic of medications accepted as appetence suppressants, which are said to aid in annoyance ache by altering the appetence ascendancy centers in the brain. Although this accurate medication was anticipation to be effective, it came with some potentially life-threatening ancillary effects, and because of that, it was aloof from the bazaar in backward 2010.

Sibutramine affects chemicals in the academician that affect weight maintenance.

Sibutramine is acclimated calm with diet and exercise to amusement blubber that may be accompanying to diabetes, top cholesterol, or top claret pressure.

Sibutramine may aswell be acclimated for added purposes not listed in this medication guide.