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1. Fructus Terminaliae Billericae powder brown.Like the tubular cells and vascular wall thickness to wood.The gland Mao Yi see for 2 ~ 3 cells, with tan.Calcium oxalate crystal clusters is numerous, 17 ~ 54 microns in diameter.Stone cell round, ovoid or oblong, hole groove, with a layer of grain.Endocarp fiber wall thickness, lignification, hole groove is obvious.The cortical cells checker.Visible droplets and spiral duct.

2. Take this Fructus Terminaliae Billericae powder 2 g, ether 20 ml, vibration wave extraction for 10 minutes, leave to ether, liquid and dry, with 20 ml of acetic acid, heating reflux for 1 hour, put the cold, filtration, the filtrate zhenggan residue with methanol 2 ml to dissolve, as the test solution.Another take gallic acid reference substance, and made each 1 ml contains 0.5 mg of methanol solution, as a reference substance solution.According to thin layer chromatography (appendix Ⅵ B) test, 5 mu l learned these two solutions, each point in the same sodium carboxymethyl cellulose as binder of silica G thin layer plate, with toluene (water saturation) – ethyl formate – formic acid (5:4:1) as developing agent,, remove and dry spray with ferric chloride solution.In the chromatogram of the test, with the reference substance chromatography corresponding position, the same color spots.

Bistort Rhizome CanTi outside test on staphylococcus aureus, pseudomonas aeruginosa, bacillus subtilis, e. coli, shigella, meningitis diplococcus, hemolytic streptococcus, salmonella typhi, paratyphoid bacteria have inhibition.And can inhibit the growth of animal portability tumors.For external use have certain hemostatic effect.

1. Go to phlegm function: it contains saponins kind material, can stimulate the gastric mucosa of reflective promote the secretion of respiratory tract mucous, effect to phlegm (evil mind expectorant). For cats, saponins can make the respiratory tract secretion function to strengthen, but hu, platycodon grandiflorum earlier for poor, short duration.

2. The antibacterial effect: in vitro, acacia for some gram-negative intestinal pathogenic bacteria have inhibition; Water immersion in vitro of certain fungi have inhibition.

3. The Honeylocust Abnormal: in vitro larvae kill tapeworm. Rn this article from: buy books online

1. Hemostatic effect: the abdominal injection of the shadow of wind turbines ethanol extract can significantly shorten the clotting time. Oxalic acid on rabbit blood after add calcium chloride and n-butyl alcohol extract, also make the blood clotting time significantly shortened, used in rabbits, dogs arterial hemorrhage or cutting the hemorrhage of the liver, spleen also had a hemostatic effect. Add in the tiny blood vessels to see frog mesenteric artery significantly shrink and vein micro expansion. Anesthetic dogs intravenous dipping its temperature, blood pressure dropped briefly.

2. Contract blood vessels role: fancy food water solution and 20% crude saponins solution toad hind legs perfusion experiment, showing obvious contraction blood vessels.

3. Uterine contraction function: fancy food water extract and 2% crude saponins solution and extract tablet has obvious shrinkage effect to rat in vitro of the uterus.

4. Bacteriostatic action: wind turbines water extract on staphylococcus aureus, pseudomonas aeruginosa and dysentery bacillus has inhibitory effect.

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Rotavirus is the a lot of accepted could could cause of diarrhea in breed and accouchement worldwide, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Before the development of a vaccine, a lot of accouchement in the United States had at atomic one bender with rotavirus by age 5.

Although rotavirus infections are unpleasant, you can amusement a lot of of them at home with added fluids to anticipate dehydration. Occasionally, astringent aridity requires intravenous fluids in the hospital. Aridity is a austere aggravation of rotavirus and a above could could cause of adolescence deaths in developing countries.

Vaccination can advice anticipate rotavirus infection in your infant. For earlier accouchement and adults — who aren’t as acceptable to advance austere affection of rotavirus — common hand-washing is the best band of defense.