1. Fructus Terminaliae Billericae powder brown.Like the tubular cells and vascular wall thickness to wood.The gland Mao Yi see for 2 ~ 3 cells, with tan.Calcium oxalate crystal clusters is numerous, 17 ~ 54 microns in diameter.Stone cell round, ovoid or oblong, hole groove, with a layer of grain.Endocarp fiber wall thickness, lignification, hole groove is obvious.The cortical cells checker.Visible droplets and spiral duct.

2. Take this Fructus Terminaliae Billericae powder 2 g, ether 20 ml, vibration wave extraction for 10 minutes, leave to ether, liquid and dry, with 20 ml of acetic acid, heating reflux for 1 hour, put the cold, filtration, the filtrate zhenggan residue with methanol 2 ml to dissolve, as the test solution.Another take gallic acid reference substance, and made each 1 ml contains 0.5 mg of methanol solution, as a reference substance solution.According to thin layer chromatography (appendix Ⅵ B) test, 5 mu l learned these two solutions, each point in the same sodium carboxymethyl cellulose as binder of silica G thin layer plate, with toluene (water saturation) – ethyl formate – formic acid (5:4:1) as developing agent,, remove and dry spray with ferric chloride solution.In the chromatogram of the test, with the reference substance chromatography corresponding position, the same color spots.