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Monthly Archives: September 2014

The analysis of prostate-specific antigen (PSA) is aggress with controversy; as PSA is present in prostatic tissue and semen, it was apart apparent and accustomed altered names, appropriately abacus to the controversy.

Flocks was the aboriginal to agreement with antigens in the prostate and 10 years after Albin appear the attendance of precipitation antigens in the prostate.

In 1971, Hara characterized a different protein in the berry fluid, gamma-seminoprotein. Li and Beling, in 1973, abandoned a protein, E1, from animal berry in an attack to acquisition a atypical adjustment to accomplish abundance control.

In 1978, Sensabaugh articular semen-specific protein p30, but accepted that it was agnate to E1 protein, and that prostate was the source. In 1979, Wang antiseptic a tissue-specific antigen from the prostate (‘prostate antigen’).

PSA was aboriginal abstinent quantitatively in the claret by Papsidero in 1980, and Stamey agitated out the antecedent plan on the analytic use of PSA as a brand of prostate cancer.