Before you alpha this treatment, apprehend the manufacturer’s printed advice advertisement from central your pack. The manufacturer’s advertisement will accord you added advice about the anesthetic and a abounding account of the side-effects which you may acquaintance from application it.

Use colistimethate sodium absolutely as your doctor tells you to. Your doctor or assistant will accord you/your adolescent the aboriginal few doses and appearance you what to do. Ask for added advice if there is annihilation you are not abiding about.

If you are application a nebuliser, you will be apparent how to accomplish up the band-aid and how to nebulise with it. As a adviser only, the accepted dosage nebulised by adults and accouchement over 2 years of age, is 1 to 2 actor units (1-2 vials) alert daily. This dosage may be added from time to time if needed.

If you accept been accustomed Colobreathe® capsules with an inhaler device, use one abridged in the accessory alert daily, 12 hours apart. Insert the abridged widest end aboriginal into the inhaler chamber. Bore the abridged gradually application a two-step action (your nurse/doctor will authenticate this for you) and bethink to alone bore anniversary abridged once.

Remember to bathe out your aperture with baptize afterwards anniversary dosage to abolish any anesthetic that has deposited in your throat. This will abate the accident of aperture infections and will advice to abolish the aftertaste from the crumb in the capsules. Colobreathe® capsules have to not be swallowed. They are not acceptable for accouchement beneath 6 years of age.