Fo-ti is an herb. The candy (cured) root of the bulb is acclimated to accomplish medicine.

Fo-ti is acclimated for alleviative tuberculosis that has advance to the lymph nodes, cancer, deepening of the prostate (prostatitis), and constipation. It is aswell acclimated as a alarmist and branch “tonic”; as a claret and “vital essence” toner; and to fortify muscles, tendons, and bones. Fo-ti is aswell acclimated for top cholesterol and added animated claret fats, agitation sleeping (insomnia), limb numbness, lower aback and knee anguish or weakness, abortive graying, hair loss, and blackout with campanology in the aerial (tinnitus).

Fo-ti is activated anon to the derma for sores, carbuncles, derma eruptions, and itching.

In manufacturing, fo-ti extract is acclimated as an additive in hair and derma affliction products.

Don’t abash fo-ti with the bartering artefact Fo-ti-Teng that contains no fo-ti.