Cyclomethicone is acclimated to alloy with aroma oils and aroma oils for afterwards ablution physique mists. This artefact will aftermath a comfortable physique aerosol that feels dry. Cyclomethicone is acclimated in a advanced array of corrective applications such as antiperspirants, deodorants, lotions, creams, hair sprays, ablution oils, architecture and attach polish. For authoritative bright sprays, cascade Cyclomethicone in canteen and add aroma oil. Use in ratios of aroma oil to Cyclomethicone from 1:3, to 1:6, or greater. Cyclomethicone attenuated with aroma oils are bottled in PET containers with a accomplished brume sprayer. Do not use PVC as the aroma oil will tend to breakdown and abase the PVC.

Cyclomethicone is a clear, odorless silicone. It leaves a cottony bland feel if sprayed on the skin. Ideal for physique sprays, lotions creams, ablution salts, hair care, linen sprays etc.

Cyclomethicone stays absolutely attenuated and bright bright after shaking.