5′-nucleotidase (5′-NT) is a protein produced by the liver. A analysis can be done to admeasurement the bulk of this protein in your blood.

5′-nucleotidases are enzymes that activate the hydrolysis of phosphate esterified at carbon 5′ of the ribose and deoxyribose portions of nucleotide molecules. 5′-nucleotidase is a all-over agitator begin in a advanced array of breed and which occurs in altered cellular locations. The extracellular 5′-nucleotidase from mammals and Discopyge ommata (Electric ray) isozyme is a homodimeric disulphide-bonded glycoprotein absorbed to the film by a GPI-anchor, and requires zinc for its activity. Vibrio parahaemolyticus 5′-nucleotidase (gene nutA) is apprenticed to the film by a lipid chain, and requires chloride and magnesium ions for its activity. It is complex in aspersing extracellular 5′-nucleotides for comestible needs.

Periplasmic bacterial 5′-nucleotidase (gene ushA), aswell accepted as UDP-sugar hydrolase , can abase UDP-glucose and added nucleotide diphosphate sugars. It produces sugar-1-phosphate which can again be acclimated by the cell. UshA seems to crave azure for its activity. 5′-Nucleotidases are evolutionary accompanying to the periplasmic bacterial 2′,3′-cyclic-nucleotide 2′-phosphodiesterase (gene cpdB), which catalyzes two after reactions: it aboriginal converts 2′,3′-cyclic-nucleotide to 3′-nucleotide and again acts as a 3′-nucleotidase; and mosquito apyrase (ATP-diphosphohydrolase) , which catalyzes the hydrolysis of ATP into AMP and facilitates hematophagy by preventing ADP-dependent platelet accession in the host.