Sarcosine, aswell accepted as N-methylglycine, is a metabolite of glycine. It shares backdrop with both Glycine and D-Serine, admitting its furnishings are weaker.

Sarcosine supplementation can be acclimated to allay affection of abasement and schizophrenia, or advance cognition. It is captivated added anxiously by the physique than D-serine, which can aswell amusement agnate conditions.

Sarcosine is getting advised for its affiliation to prostate cancer. It may be a biomarker for prostate cancer, which agency that if sarcosine levels in the claret are college than normal, it could be an indicator of prostate cancer. This doesn’t beggarly that sarcosine itself causes cancer. Added analysis is bare to affirm this relationship.

Sarcosine’s capital apparatus involves inhibiting a transporter, alleged GlyT1, which takes up glycine and D-serine into cells. This increases the levels of glycine and D-serine in the physique and increases their effects.

It is alien at this time if sarcosine supplementation is harmful. It may act as a co-carcinogen, acceptation it doesn’t could cause cancer, but increases the furnishings of added cancer-causing compounds.