Gossypol is a accustomed phenol acquired from the affection bulb (genus Gossypium). Gossypol is a phenolic aldehyde that permeates beef and acts as an inhibitor for several dehydrogenase enzymes. It is a chicken pigment.

Among added things, it has been activated as a macho articulate contraceptive in China. In accession to its accepted contraceptive properties, gossypol has aswell continued been accepted to acquire antimalarial properties.[citation needed] Added advisers are investigating the anticancer backdrop of gossypol.

Gossypol is a actuality that is begin in the affection plant. It is removed from the seeds and acclimated for medicine.

Men yield gossypol for bearing control. Women yield it for disorders of the uterus including endometriosis, aberrant bleeding, and cancer; as able-bodied as for ovarian cancer. Gossypol is aswell acclimated for alleviative HIV/AIDS.

Sometimes women use gossypol chrism or gel as bearing control. It is activated to the central of the vagina to annihilate sperm.

Gossypol interferes with agent development and function.