The color additive paprika oleoresin is the aggregate of acidity and color attempt acquired from paprika (Capsicum annuum L.) by extraction.

The analogue of paprika oleoresin in this branch is for the purpose of character as a color additive only, and shall not be construed as ambience alternating an official accepted for paprika oleoresin beneath area 401 of the act.

Color additive mixtures fabricated with paprika oleoresin may accommodate as diluents alone those substances listed in this subpart as safe and acceptable in color additive mixtures for appearance foods.

Paprika oleoresin may be cautiously acclimated for the appearance of foods about in amounts constant with acceptable accomplishment practice, except that it may not be acclimated to color foods for which standards of character accept been promulgated beneath area 401 of the act, unless the use of added color is accustomed by such standards.