Etravirine is a second-generation non-nucleoside about-face transcriptase inhibitor (NNRTI), advised to be alive adjoin HIV with mutations that advise attrition to the two a lot of frequently assigned first-generation NNRTIs, alteration K103N for efavirenz and Y181C for nevirapine.

This authority appears to be accompanying to etravirine’s adaptability as a molecule. Etravirine is a diarylpyrimidine (DAPY), a blazon of amoebic atom with some conformational isomerism that can bind the agitator about-face transcriptase in assorted conformations, acceptance for a added able-bodied alternation amid etravirine and the enzyme, even in the attendance of mutations. Other diarylpyrimidine-analogues are currently getting developed as abeyant anti-HIV agents, conspicuously rilpivirine.