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1.VK-T06 small particle size , surface area , surface atoms and more, high surface energy , surface atoms with a serious shortfall , with strong surface activity and super- adsorption capacity , add in the paint , easily and resin cooperation with the oxygen from the key to improve the bond force between the molecules and the performance and construction of the paint film and the bonding strength between the substrate ;

2.VK-T06 has a conventional materials do not have special optical properties and widespread “blue shift” phenomenon, long-wave ultraviolet , infrared reflectivity as high as the spread above, and titanium dioxide optical reflection spectrum reproducible, it added UV coatings can achieve the purpose of shielding , significantly improve the coating anti-aging properties ;

3.VK-T06 has a small size effect to produce silt infiltration role in the formation of a dense coating layer interface “nano coating ” greatly improved scrub resistance and paint coating surface self-cleaning ;

4.VK-T06 specific spatial network structure, the surface of a large residual unsaturated bond and a hydroxyl group of different states bonding , coating systems can be produced with good affinity , thus improving the stability of the coating suspension . After drying the coating , the nanoparticles are arranged closely to form a complete air insulation.

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Main functions and furnishings (substitute methionine or acclimated alone as additive):

1) Provide methyl for banty and pig growing.

2) Maintain abdominal trace function, and enhances the alleviative aftereffect of the anti-ball insect medicine.

3) Adjust osmotic pressure, advance growth, accession the egg artefact efficiently, abate weaner diarrhea, and access weaner aliment taken.

4) Enhance fat metabolism, abate belly fat, enhance the angular meat rate, and advance beastly physique quality.

5) A acceptable tempts for aquatic, and enhance fish¡¢shrimp anti- osmotic burden ability, abate the mortality.

6) Stabilize vitamin in feed, accession the augment use efficiency, and abate the augment cost.

1) Not beneath than 40 meshes, ablaze chicken powder, acceptable fluency.

2) Artefact content: authentic betaine not beneath than 30%.

3) Recommended accession (per ton blueprint feed):

a) Barter methionine (according to 1:1 barter proportion): can acting 20%-60% constructed methionine in the feed.

b) Only use as the augment additive: 0.2-1kg for monogastric animals, 1-3kg for amphibian animals

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Betaine Hcl

Nano zinc oxide dispersion is the company’s use of avant-garde technology, nano zinc oxide crumb is broadcast into the aqueous average itself, fabricated of awful dispersed, the accord and adherence of the burning liquid. Nano zinc oxide burning is added active, added calmly added to the raw actual arrangement of average characteristics, has been broadly acclimated in sunscreen cosmetics, abrasive antibacterial and anti ultraviolet new anatomic fiber, glass, ceramic, self-clean antibacterial anti bittersweet and ultraviolet careful materials, germ-free and carrion analysis and added products.

Nano zinc oxide dispersion for abstruse sealing glue, gaskets and added products, to advance the abrasion attrition articles and sealing aftereffect but aswell accept a acceptable effect. Nano zinc oxide burning with accepted zinc oxide incomparable new acreage and new uses, can accomplish the blanket has a careful ultraviolet, bittersweet assimilation and sterilization mildew-proof function. To advance acrylic stain resistance, bogus crumbling resistance, baptize resistance, alkali, abrasion resistance, acerbity and adherence of the acceptable automated properties.

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Nano silver powder is through authoritative the argent actual into micro apple and get it to 10-9m nano degree, Abundant use its apparent aftereffect and appliance which accept abounding kinds of new appropriate characters and aftereffect are altered with macro world, Realizing its characteristics of abiding effect, ample spectrum, able antimicrobial, acceptable adherence and has able absorption afterwards it meets water. Due to the apparent of nano argent and capillary action is acceptable abundant bigger, so that it has appropriate antimicrobial and sterilization functions.

Nano silver powder can be broadly acclimated in ecology protection, bolt and clothing, beginning fruit, food, packaging, accessories and hygiene products, children’s toys, aliment cans, canister, toilet bench cover, shoe insoles, leather, fabrics, flooring, carpets, masks , melamine tableware, cups, kettle, KTV, hotel, foot, sterilization abrasive and added fields. Nano-silver (Nano Silver) is the atom admeasurement to do the nanoscale metal argent individual mass. Most of the nano argent atom admeasurement of 25 nm, dozens of pathogenic micro-organisms of E. coli, Neisseria gonorrhoeae, Chlamydia trachomatis has a able inhibitory and killing effect, but does not aftermath resistance.

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VK-T02 is white chargeless abounding powder. VK-T02 due to the baby atom size, the active, both absorption and drop ultraviolet rays, and can blot ultraviolet light, and thereby stronger barrier adjoin UV.


Effective attrition to UV.

Easily broadcast in baptize based and bread-and-butter based systems.

Non Toxic

Uniform Atom Size


1.Cosmetics and Sunscreen – provides awful able attrition to UV and absorption of arresting and bittersweet light.

2.Plastics and anatomic fibres – improves attrition to aging, apparent finish, acclimate attrition and brightness. Improves blush and apparent luster.

3.Coatings, Paint and Printing Inks – abundantly improves crumbling attrition and abrade resistance. Improves self-cleaning properties.

4.Paper authoritative – acclimated in cardboard blanket to advance printability and opacity.

5.Also acclimated in metallurgy and aerospace industry.
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Oxo-biodegradable plastic bags are about the aforementioned as the nondegradable artificial bags. It is fabricated from the aforementioned raw actual application the aforementioned apparatus and labor. The alone aberration is that it contains a prodegradant accretion that makes them biodegradable in soil. The use of Oxo-biodegradable plastic  complements and even adds amount to solid decay administration efforts of the government as able-bodied as the clandestine sector. The allowances that Oxo-biodegradable plastic  action are as follows:

It gives a bound activity to plastics, decidedly polyethylene which is the capital raw actual in authoritative artificial bags.

They are a bargain allowance adjoin adventitious or advised litter.

Local governments with bare budgets for solid decay administration would be beneath abounding with abominable after-effects of nondegradable artificial bag litters.

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Nanometer Series

Coating material is activated in a attenuate blur to accommodate aegis or adornment to a surface. This artefact is attenuate in allegory to the workpiece.


1.Effective to access apparent regidity, attrition to scrub, bribery and raditation, and absolution far-infrared ray advantageous to animal getting health.

2.Used in amoebic glass, polycarbonate, PP, polystyrene and sorts of cellophane abstracts like these as regidity-increasing coating.

3.Effective to access ablaze manual amount of optical cameras fabricated of these kinds of materials.

4.Also acclimated to accomplish bottle coating, new blazon of ceramics blanket and transparent, constant top temperature coating.

5.As careful coatings acclimated on brainy articles and alfresco decorating materials.

6.Used broadly plastic, elastic to advance attrition to grind, aging, UV and allurement and waterproof.

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Nanometer TiO2 Series

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