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3-Aminoisoquinoline is achromatic crystal, melting point 26.48 ℃, 242.2℃boiling point ( 99.1kPa ), the about body of 1.09101 ( 30/4 ℃), refractive basis 1.62078 ( 30 ℃), beam is 107 ℃. With a array of amoebic solvents miscible, acrid in adulterate acid; with water, acrid than quinoline; agnate to anise oil and methyl phenyl ether smell. With the beef can be volatile. Afterwards storage, the blush yellow. PKa=5.4, acrid hardly stronger than quinoline, can become a alkali and acid: its hydrochloride, melting point 209 ℃, melting point 223 ℃picrate. N can action acylation and alkylation reaction, its melting point is 159 ℃methiodide. Electrophilic barter occurs in the 5 or 8 bits. Nucleophilic barter occurs in 1. Susceptible to blaze and abridgement reaction. Found in atramentous tar, authoritative accessible than Zeller – Na Pierre Lars Ki amalgam or Pomerantz – Selfridge reaction. Containing isoquinoline ring some important alkaloids. Industry mainly atramentous tar awkward quinoline atom as raw material, through sulfonation, apportioned crystallization, filtration, crystallization, ammonia decomposition, abrasion and beverage of isoquinoline. Isoquinoline beneath top temperature into the breeze of hydrogen and hydroxide acknowledgment and absolute hydroxylation, the artefact is 1- isoquinolone.

3-Aminoisoquinoline can accomplish drugs and insecticide, blaze can be fabricated afterwards pyridine carboxylic acid, its acquired can be acclimated in the accomplish of blush blur and dye. Acclimated as average and constructed drugs, dyes, pesticides, gas chromatography anchored liquid. Isoquinoline by acrid potassium permanganate oxidation, two rings can be degraded, acquired is a admixture of pyridine -3,4- two formic acerbic and the adjoining benzene two formic acid. [13] breakable by potassium permanganate in aloof medium, no blaze of benzene, alone the adjoining benzene two formyl imine. Of substituents on the benzene ring can access the blaze acknowledgment results. Isoquinoline can be catalytic hydrogenation, hydride reagents or metal reduction; aswell can apprehend the careful restore absolutely or partially bargain isoquinoline pyridine ring or ring. Catalytic hydrogenation of the artefact is abundantly afflicted by acerb acknowledgment medium: in acerb acid, pyridine ring careful abridgement of 1,2,3,4- four hydrogen isoquinoline; and in concentrated hydrochloric acid, benzene by careful abridgement of 5,6,7,8- four hydrogen isoquinoline, added abridgement of a admixture of CIS and auto ten hydrogen isoquinoline is generated.

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