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5-Bromoisoquinoline achromatic crystals, with assorted immiscible amoebic solvent, acrid in adulterate acid; accepting absorptive Acrid stronger than quinoline; like fennel oil and anisole odor. Volatile with baptize vapor. After storage, the blush yellow. pKa = 5.4, acrid hardly stronger than the quinoline, into salts with assorted acids: its hydrochloride m.p. 209 ° C, the melting point of the picrate 223 ° C. N can acylation and alkylation reaction, the iodide its melting point 159 ° C. Electrophilic barter occurs in the 5 or 8. Nucleophilic barter occurs in one. Decumbent to blaze and abridgement reactions. Exist in atramentous tar, accessible than the Scheller – Napieralski amalgam or Pommer Lanc – Fritsch acknowledgment of, take. Important alkaloids independent in the isoquinoline ring. Isoquinoline agreeable (dehydration kind) chromatography, not beneath than 95; moisture, not added than 0.5. The biologic can be bogus and able pesticides, blaze can be fabricated of a pyridine carboxylic acid, its derivatives can be acclimated for accomplishment a blush blur with the dye. Acclimated as constructed drugs, dyes, pesticides, intermediates and gas chromatography anchored phase. Agnate to the actinic attributes of isoquinoline with pyridine and quinoline, protonation, alkylation, acylation, and peroxyacid blaze at N atom, the electrophilic ambrosial barter and nucleophilic ambrosial barter acknowledgment on the ring C atom.

5-Bromoisoquinoline electrophilic ambrosial barter action college than that of pyridine, occurs preferentially in the isoquinoline ring, 5 – and 8 – positions, 5 – bit product. C-protonated on the benzene ring and again subjected to proton barter through the N-protonated sulfate such able acerbic is required, and the acknowledgment at C-5, fast than C-8. Nucleophilic ambrosial barter in the heterocyclic isoquinoline occurs preferentially at the 1 – position. For example, iso-quinoline After Chichibabin acknowledgment yields 1 – aminoisoquinoline; Ziegler acknowledgment occurs with n-butyl lithium to accord 1 – n-butyl-isoquinoline, this acknowledgment an adduct of 1 – n-butyl-1 ,2 – dihydroisoquinoline by the alloyed benzene ring to access a stable, can be separated, may be commissioned on carbon by nitrobenzene oxidation, and to restore the ambrosial backdrop of the isoquinoline ring. Isoquinoline can be provided at a top temperature canyon into the hydrogen beck with the potassium hydroxide acknowledgment anon hydroxylated artefact is 1 – isoquinolinone. Isoquinoline-3 – position of the halogen display agnate backdrop with a halogenated benzene, but the 1 – position of the halogen has a agnate acuteness and α-and γ-halopyridine, it is decumbent to nucleophilic ambrosial substitution.

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