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Androstenol is a sex pheromone, possessing a musk-like odor. It is begin in ample quantities in animal saliva, but aswell in abate quantities in animal diaphoresis glands. It is akin to sex hormones yet has basal or no androgenic activity. Androstenol is buried by the adrenal gland into systemic apportionment in humans: Systemic furnishings accept not been able-bodied studied. Androstenol, or a actinic derivative, is begin in truffles, and is offered as an account for how pigs locate them abysmal in the ground.

Androstenol is mainly produced in the apocrine glands of the underarm arena which a woman usually lays acutely abutting to if in bed with her partner. The pheromone androstenol added the approachability of a women which increases her admiration to get abutting and allocution on a deeper, added complex level. These types of interactions advance to a stronger band amid the two which can advance to a convalescent accord both in and out of bed.