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Accelerant alloy is chicken green.Suitable for sintering and plating the diamond, etc. is mainly acclimated for adamant abstracts by high-temperature, high-pressure baptize atomization broken, fabricated by exhaustion drying. With its constructed design crystal, aureate color. Crumb agitator in design amalgam analysis after-effects appearance that: can advance the amalgam yield, abate the harder admixture and raw actual consumption, reduces the assembly bulk of the diamond, aswell can amalgamate top annoying diamond, and amalgam of top superior base particles and top brand diamond. Constructed design clear crumb agitator with a cube to eight apparent body, clear candor bulk is high, the clear is pure, admittance bulk is not much, administration is added dispersed, with acceptable appulse backbone at allowance temperature and top temperature. For example, admixture accumulation generally improves elements, the backbone of the animate is greater than that of its capital basic elements of iron. Different from the authentic metal, a lot of admixture has no anchored melting point, the temperature at the melting temperature range, admixture as the solid-liquid coexistence state. So we can say, the melting point of the admixture apparatus in low arrangement of metal. See the eutectic mixture.

Accelerant alloy a lot of admixture admixture melting point lower than the melting point of any affectionate in its composition; acerbity than the basic of any metal hardness; ( exception: potassium sodium alloys is liquid, advice abettor for an diminutive reactor. ). Electrical application and thermal application is lower than that of either basic metal alloys. Using the backdrop of the alloy, can aftermath top attrition and top thermal attrition materials. Aswell can be bogus with appropriate backdrop of materials. Some bane adeptness ( such as stainless animate ) as in adamant benumbed with 15% chrome and 9% nickel is a bane aggressive stainless steel, for the actinic industry. Stable performance, its low melting point, acceptable fluidity, baby shrinkage. Centrifugal casting achievement is good, able toughness, attention locations can be casting with circuitous shape, attenuate bank castings, apparent smooth. Acceptable toughness, acceptable for bendable and hard, bland surface, no beach hole, no defect, no crack, cutting and plating aftereffect is good. Widely acclimated in the accomplish of aircraft, ships and trucks, can access the amount of them and advance the operating speed, and has the characteristics of seawater abrasion resistance, abstain alluring etc.

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