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Cervical cells is the a lot of accepted blight in one, not alone in the changeable animal blight accounted for the first, but women of assorted malignancies in the a lot of accepted cancers, but its accident has accessible bounded difference. China the accident of cervical cancer, the bounded administration is characterized by top accident breadth generally abutting piece. The accepted trend is college than the city, rural aerial breadth than plain. According to the 29 provinces, city, free arena attendant survey, China’s cervical blight bloodshed in the absolute blight bloodshed of fourth, accounts for changeable blight second. Cervical blight is one of the accepted cancerous tumors, accident in changeable blight second. Worldwide anniversary year, about 200000 women die of this disease. Using all-encompassing hysterectomy and pelvic lymph bulge removal. The admeasurement of resection including the uterus, mutual annex, high vagina and vaginal tissue adjoining to and aural the pelvic atrium alertness accumulation of lymph nodes ( uterine paracervical, obturator, internal, alien iliac iliac lymph nodes, beneath ). Operation requirements completely, safety, austere ascendancy of indications, blockage of complications.

Cervical cells aboriginal symptoms: blight in situ and invasive blight is generally asymptomatic, abundant in the demography found. Blight of the uterine cervix is the primary evidence is vaginal bleeding, added vaginal acquittal and pain. The anatomy and admeasurement of uterine cervix blight bane and dissection types and accept a assertive relationship. Experts say, uterine cervical blight threatens women accompany for life, so to accept this aspect ability is actual accessible to everyone. Neck of uterus blight aboriginal affection are mainly the following: uterine cervical blight aboriginal symptoms, affliction of cancer: compression of the pelvic nerve, lower abdomen, waist and thighs arise pain; if the aggression of abdominal cancer, aboriginal affection can arise afresh poor defecation, distension, if it to compression of the float aboriginal affection may occur, common urination, urgency, dysuria and hematuria. Uterine cervical blight aboriginal affection in two, aberrant vaginal bleeding : the actualization of the aboriginal affection of this phenomenon, in this ache patients accounted for 81.4%. Experts say, uterine cervical blight patients with such bleeding began in affiliated action or afterwards a bowel movement, some concrete action or gynecological examinations afterwards hemorrhage, menstruation does not rule. The early, beneath bleeding, and generally stop on their own.

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