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Desoxypipradrol was developed by the biologic aggregation CIBA (now called Novartis) in the 1950s, and researched for applications such as the analysis of narcolepsy and ADHD; however, it was alone from development afterwards the accompanying biologic methylphenidate was developed by the aforementioned company. Methylphenidate was acquainted to be the above biologic for alleviative ADHD due to its beneath continuance of activity and added anticipated pharmacokinetics, and while desoxypipradrol was researched for added applications (such as abetment of accelerated accretion from anaesthesia), its development was not continued. The hydroxylated acquired pipradrol was, however, alien as a analytic biologic adumbrated for depression, narcolepsy and cerebral accessory in amoebic dementia.

Desoxypipradrol is carefully accompanying on a structural akin to the compounds methylphenidate and pipradrol, all three of which allotment a agnate pharmacological action. Of these three piperidines, desoxypipradrol has the longest abolishment half-life, as it is a awful lipophilic molecule defective arctic anmoleculeic groups that are about targeted by metabolic enzymes, giving it an acutely continued continuance of activity if compared to a lot of psychostimulants. Methylphenidate, on the added hand, is a short-acting compound, as it possesses a methyl-ester molecule that is calmly cleaved, basic a awful arctic acid group, while pipradrol is average in duration, possessing a hydroxyl accumulation which can be conjugated to access its hydrophilicity and facilitate excretion, but no calmly metabolized groups.