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Horsetail is a plant. The aloft arena locations are acclimated to accomplish medicine.

Horsetail is acclimated for “fluid retention” (edema), branch and float stones, urinary amplitude infections, the disability to ascendancy urination (incontinence), and accepted disturbances of the branch and bladder.

It is aswell acclimated for balding; tuberculosis; jaundice; hepatitis; breakable fingernails; collective diseases; gout; osteoarthritis; anemic basic (osteoporosis); frostbite; weight loss; abundant menstrual periods; and amoral bleeding (hemorrhage) of the nose, lung, or stomach.

Horsetail is activated anon to the derma to amusement wounds and burns.

There accept been letters of horsetail articles getting attenuated with a accompanying bulb alleged Equisetum palustre. This bulb contains chemicals that can adulteration cattle, but toxicity in humans has not been proven.