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Nano silver powder is through authoritative the argent actual into micro apple and get it to 10-9m nano degree, Abundant use its apparent aftereffect and appliance which accept abounding kinds of new appropriate characters and aftereffect are altered with macro world, Realizing its characteristics of abiding effect, ample spectrum, able antimicrobial, acceptable adherence and has able absorption afterwards it meets water. Due to the apparent of nano argent and capillary action is acceptable abundant bigger, so that it has appropriate antimicrobial and sterilization functions.

Nano¬†silver powder can be broadly acclimated in ecology protection, bolt and clothing, beginning fruit, food, packaging, accessories and hygiene products, children’s toys, aliment cans, canister, toilet bench cover, shoe insoles, leather, fabrics, flooring, carpets, masks , melamine tableware, cups, kettle, KTV, hotel, foot, sterilization abrasive and added fields. Nano-silver (Nano Silver) is the atom admeasurement to do the nanoscale metal argent individual mass. Most of the nano argent atom admeasurement of 25 nm, dozens of pathogenic micro-organisms of E. coli, Neisseria gonorrhoeae, Chlamydia trachomatis has a able inhibitory and killing effect, but does not aftermath resistance.

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