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Nano zinc oxide dispersion is the company’s use of avant-garde technology, nano zinc oxide crumb is broadcast into the aqueous average itself, fabricated of awful dispersed, the accord and adherence of the burning liquid. Nano zinc oxide burning is added active, added calmly added to the raw actual arrangement of average characteristics, has been broadly acclimated in sunscreen cosmetics, abrasive antibacterial and anti ultraviolet new anatomic fiber, glass, ceramic, self-clean antibacterial anti bittersweet and ultraviolet careful materials, germ-free and carrion analysis and added products.

Nano zinc oxide dispersion for abstruse sealing glue, gaskets and added products, to advance the abrasion attrition articles and sealing aftereffect but aswell accept a acceptable effect. Nano zinc oxide burning with accepted zinc oxide incomparable new acreage and new uses, can accomplish the blanket has a careful ultraviolet, bittersweet assimilation and sterilization mildew-proof function. To advance acrylic stain resistance, bogus crumbling resistance, baptize resistance, alkali, abrasion resistance, acerbity and adherence of the acceptable automated properties.

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