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Nanometer titanium dioxide, the capital two apparent forms: anatase (Anatase) and rutile (Rutile). Rutile titanium dioxide than that of the anatase titanium dioxide abiding and dense, with a college hardness, density, dielectric constant, and refractive index, its ambuscade ability and tinting backbone are aswell higher. The anatase titanium dioxide in the reflectance of the arresting short-wave allotment of the titanium dioxide than the rutile-type high, with dejected hue, and the UV assimilation of a lower accommodation than the rutile-type, top photocatalytic action than rutile. Under assertive conditions, the anatase titanium dioxide can be adapted to the rutile-type titanium dioxide.

Nanometer titanium dioxide is rutile white apart powder, the careful ultraviolet strong, and has a acceptable dispersibility and acclimate resistance. Can be acclimated in cosmetics, anatomic fibers, plastics, coatings, paints and added fields, as UV careful agent, to anticipate the adverse UV rays. Aswell be acclimated for high-end automotive finish, with a flip-flop effect.

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