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Potassium fluoaluminate is the white gray apparent powder. Initial melting point: 560 º C. Anhydrous hydrofluoric acerbic and aluminum hydroxide by the acknowledgment of fluorine and aluminum acid, again at top temperature with potassium hydroxide reaction, filtration, drying, melting, crushing system. Aswell from aluminum fluoride, ammonium fluoride and potassium chloride was able by the acknowledgment of. Acclimated as an insecticide, is aswell acclimated in ceramic, bottle and aluminum brazing. Lining with polyethylene blur bag sacks or accoutrements packaging, net weight of anniversary bag is 50kg. Should be stored in ventilated, dry coffers. Guard adjoin damp. Not with the aliment or during accumulator and transportation. Blaze with water, beach and carbon tetrachloride blaze extinguisher extinguishing. Mainly acclimated as a pesticide, aswell acclimated in ceramic, bottle and aluminum brazing.

Potassium fluoaluminate could advance bulb stems robust, advance bake-apple quality, enhance bulb attrition to cold, advance bake-apple amoroso agreeable and vitamin C agreeable of nitrogen, phosphorus, and in the case of potassium absence symptoms, aboriginal appears in the old leaves. Potassium accumulation shortage, carbohydrate metabolism agitation suppression, photosynthesis, and respiration strengthening. Therefore, amiss in potassium bulb attrition adeptness is abate, affected to disease, bake-apple quality, black poorly. Melon, fruit, amazon on potassium fertilizer appeal is mainly in the bake-apple expansion. Lack of potassium, bulb axis soft, simple to lodging, algid attrition and aridity attrition deviation; brand becomes yellow, accelerating necrosis. As a aftereffect of potassium can move to the leaf, potassium absence in earlier leaves, and after developed into the abject of the plant, aswell accept the blade allowance scorched, blade Ziwan aggregate or shrivel.

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