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Potassium fluosilicate is white clear or powder. Odorless. Six clear body is 3.08; cubic apparent body is 2.665 ( 17 ℃). Weak acid. The hygroscopic. Slightly acrid in water. Acrid in hydrochloric acid, solubility with temperature increasing. Increase. Insoluble in alcohol. In hot baptize hydrolysis into potassium fluoride, hydrogen fluoride and silica. When afire down into potassium fluoride and four silicon fluoride. Toxic. Mainly acclimated in the accomplish of cement, abutment agent, bowl glazes and glasses, the alertness of fluoride. Acclimated in copse preservative, bowl accomplishment and aluminum and magnesium smelting, agronomical pesticides, aswell acclimated in optical bottle manufacturing, constructed mica and apply manufacturing. It is aswell acclimated in copse preservative, pesticides, baptize treatment, tanning covering and cream rubber. From fluosilicic acerbic with potassium carbonate or potassium hydroxide for neutralization, or with potassium chloride or potassium sulfate precipitation process.

Potassium fluosilicate inflammable, poisonous. Ingestion or assimilation of dust poisoning. Dust can acerb acerbic to eyes and respiratory system. Reaction with acids, afford acerbic and acerb hydrogen fluoride and four silicon fluorine gas. Skin contact: abolish attenuated clothing, ablution with affluence of baptize flow. Eye contact: anon filed eyelid, with ample flows of baptize or acrid bathe thoroughly with at atomic 15min. Medical treatment. Inhalation: from the arena bound to beginning air. Keeping the respiratory amplitude unobstructed. If breath is difficult, accord oxygen. If not breathing, bogus respiration immediately. Medical treatment. Ingestion: alcohol affluence of balmy water, emetic. Medical treatment. Closed operation, bounded bankrupt ventilation. Prevention of dust in the air of abode absolution to. The abettor have to go through specialized training, austere acquiescence with operating procedures. Recommended operating cadre abrasion arrogance clarify anti-dust masks, cutting careful actinic assurance glasses, abrasion careful overalls on infiltration, cutting acrylic gloves. Avoid creating dust. Avoid acquaintance with oxidant, acid. Equipped with emergency analysis accessories for leakage.

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